About Smart Kab

Smart Kab is an exciting new and innovative mobile advertising company that puts your advertising dollars to work! Our goal is to give as many sponsored (free) and fun rides as possible to the community on your behalf in the heart of high traffic areas. The formula to this marketing success that you can experience is explained in our 3 simple but proven characteristics of Smart Kab.

1. Environmentally Responsible → Be a Brand Pioneer

Smart Kab is unique in a way that it is a zero-emission/ fuel-free transportation alternative. Before your brand's key messaging is delivered, the rider and your company initially establishes a relationship in a way that you are both environmentally responsible and committed to the well-being of the community.


2. Immersive Marketing Experience

Each day a multitude of rides will be given out by our Smart Kab fleet. Our routes are generated by focusing on strategic locations and key times of the day. Smart Kab provides a fun and interactive ride with customers viewing sponsors' products and services immersed in the Smart Kab hub. Outside onlookers can't help but stare at the brand messages displayed outside the hub. These customers will help move your products and services through the social media juggernauts that our society's now frequent.


3. The Smart Kab Engine, Our Drivers

We don't run on gas or any other fuel, Smart Kabs are powered by a fully trained and knowledgeable staff. Our drivers are upbeat and positive, while your companies brands are the painted finish of our Smart Kab, the drivers are our fuel. From the rules of the road, to the brands key messaging, and the local area knowledge, riders are guaranteed to a confident, and fun responsible driver to transport both the riders and brand from point A to B.


The end result of this proven formula is a company's ability to provide a unique and memorable experience with its customers. A new era of advertising is formed through transportation and entertainment... Transpertainment!