Smart Kab's Vision; Working together to create an eco-friendly community.

Published by Bobby Lake on December 6, 2012

Its the inaugural blog of Smart Kab and what better to talk about than our vision. Smart Kab as you know is the new era of advertising that can be described as environmentally friendly and a brand pioneer. We want to connect with the community, we want to participate to create a positive and greener environment. This Smart concept is a win for everyone, providing the downtown core with effective and responsible advertising while making it fun to get arounusing only renewable energy; this will make anyone smile and creating a feel-good vibe about it. Did we forget to mention even the hull of the Smart Kab is composed of 100% recycled plastic? With a fleet of Smart Kabs on the blossom, we want to see this concept brought to life and become the most popular form of transportation within the downtown core. With the green-initiative schedules that cities are on, Smart Kab is right on track with the program and will be nothing less than a beneficiary to the city. Smart Kab wants to immerse itself with the community and events to support it in every way possible, we will provide an ‘eco-positive’ image and together we will craft an opportunity that will become the benchmark for all to follow when making decisions to benefit the communities’ environment. Whether you're a rider, advertiser or even an onlooker, be inspired by Smart Kab and support environment friendly alternatives and initiatives because at Smart Kab that's what we do. Get around, the Smart way.

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