Why Ottawa?

Published by Bobby Lake on December 22, 2012

A canal winding through downtown with festivals and life surrounding (and sometimes on it), Ottawa has grown the reputation of becoming arguably one of North America’s proudest cities. Being the proud capital of the true north strong and free, Ottawa’s commitment to the environment & community resonates with Smart Kab. Smart Kab decided to seed itself in a city that displays history, passion &  a promising future. With a culturally driven town reaching one million people along with two major universities (Ottawa University and Carleton University), one can only imagine the amount of sights and sounds to be discovered. From the inspiring monuments, galleries and museums to the everlasting recreational trails and festivals, there is always something to do in Ottawa. Smart Kab wants to immerse itself in a city that focuses on the community and its future. Providing environmentally friendly rides within the downtown core, Smart Kab will compliment Ottawa’s values and creates awareness in green energy alternatives that will benefit the community and environment. Whether its relieving stress while on a downtown commute or seeing the city like never before, Smart Kab will be there as Ottawa continues on the path to a green and viable future.

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 -Smart Kab


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