2013 Ottawa's Rideau Canal is Open!

Published by Bobby Lake on March 12, 2013

It‘s that time of year again when the Nation’s Capital opens one of the largest public skating surfaces in North America; the Rideau Canal. Originally known as the Rideau Waterway, it was first used as a strategic precaution from a looming war with the Americans. It is now used as pleasure for skaters of all skill levels. Built in 1832, this curtain of river is the oldest and biggest skating rink in North America and brings a unique seasonal option for fitness enthusiasts. From washrooms and rest stops, to festivals and shows on the ice, the canal is always alive and attracts thousands of skaters daily. Who could forget those tasty treats signature of the great white north while on the ice such as syrup on a stick or the famous Beaver Tails! The Rideau Canal generally opens in early February so it is nice to see it open a little earlier for the 2013 season. Following the opening of the canal, the greatly anticipated annual Winterlude starts up February 1st. With tons of activities, sights, and sounds, there is something for the whole family to enjoy(and Smart Kab looks forward to blogging about). One of the most popular attractions viewed by many is the ice sculptures that are created by renowned artist’s in front of a live audience in awe! Arguably one of the busiest Canadian cities during winter, Ottawa is full of energy and excitement to keep everyone warm outdoors through the winter months.

See you on the canal!

Smart Kab


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