Bobby L.

Favourite Food: Perogies
Hobby: Volunteering
Favourite Sport: Hockey

Victoria S.

Favourite Food: Sushi
Hobby: Skating
Favourite Sport: Volleyball

Amar H.

Favourite Food: Fish and Chips
Hobby: Festivals
Favourite Sport: Cricket

Michelle Q.

Favourite Food: Pizza
Hobby: Cooking
Favourite Sport: Basketball

Tony A.

Favourite Food: Lasagna
Hobby: Skiing
Favourite Sport: Soccer

Stephanie D.

Favourite Food: Pasta
Hobby: Dog Walking
Favourite Sport: Soccer

Patrique D.

Favourite Food: Pizza
Hobby: Rock Climbing
Favourite Sport: Hockey

Our Drivers

One of the keys to Smart Kab's success is our fulltime, educated and friendly drivers, the engine of Smart Kab and the power to your brand's exposure.

Here at Smart Kab we treat all of our employees with the upmost respect and care. We strongly believe that having motivated drivers will generate positive rides and successful experiential marketing. Having full day training sessions with frequent refreshers, it is important for our drivers to confident and responsible while on the road.

To show you what we mean, here is a list of qualities that our drivers/your brand representatives will bring to the customers' brand experience:

Fun,Safety Conscious,Knowledgeable,Fit,Motivated,Fully Trained,Team Oriented,Confident,Approachable

Our fully licensed drivers are knowledgeable of both their surroundings and more importantly the brand that they are sponsored by. We will meet with your marketing team to go over the program and key messaging that you want us to convey to the public. This ensures that the customer will have a safe, fun, and memorable ride. Whether it's the pictures on social media or a casual conversation, these unforgettable moments will be shared with friends and family forever.

If you are interested in joining our high octane fun team of drivers, check out our contact page and Title the message Driver Inquiry.