What is a Smart Kab?

Smart Kab is an innovative and effective way to market your brand. This experiential mobile marketing tool has over 80 square feet of direct media-visible space to flex your creative brand advertising designs. The Smart Kab's body is proudly 100% recycled plastic so the green initiative is strongly in effect. As well with an interior design and an optional wifi Ipad display, the riders are sure to express a positive image while taking a ride in the Smart Kab with your brand proudly displayed while en route around the city.

Smart Kab is a pedal-powered unit with a rechargeable battery-powered electric assist motor. With under 250W being used for the electric assist, Smart Kab is classified as a bicycle which allows us on the road and comfortably in designated bike lanes with no issues.


Max speed- 16mph/26kmh

  • Ipad display
  • Recycled plastic body
  • 21 speed gear transmission
  • Adjustable driver seat
  • Front wheel drive
  • Halogen headlights/tail lights and turn signals
  • Parking brake
  • Front/rear hydraulic brake and suspension system
  • Easy passenger entry
  • Anti-slip floor mats
  • Fully cushioned passenger seat
  • Interior lighting
  • Window sheltered roof
  • Windshield

Questions or Concerns? Feel free to email us and we will be happy to provide you with more information. Contact Smart Kab